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Tafuta Kila kitu Hapa

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Irate youths tear up exam result lists

In a very unusual move, some youths suspected to have completed their primary education this year and were not selected to join secondary education, have torn to pieces exam results posted on noticeboards.

The youths were said to have torn the exam results listing the names of pupils who had been selected to join secondary education just a day after the results were posted on noticeboards, claiming that they did not see any reason why the lists should be there while their names were missing.

Following the event, pupils and parents who visited the noticeboards to find out about the results failed to do so.

“We're shocked by this behaviour. How dare they tear up the lists of names; this is gross lack of discipline. If they did not do well, whose problem is it?" said one Wambura Marwa, a Bunda resident.

The Education department in Bunda district admitted to have noted the occurence of the incident, saying they had posted the notices in several schools in Bunda town.

According to District Education Officer (Primary Education) Rabani Bituro, a total of 5,656 pupils, 2,324 girls and 3,332 boys, have been selected to join secondary education next year.

Bituro said out of those selected, 41 will join boarding schools, including 28 girls and 13 boys. He explained that there were a total of 10,782 pupils who were registered for the national examinations in September, including 5,432 boys and 5,350 girls, whereas those who sat for the exams were 10,274 .


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