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Monday, November 12, 2012

Swindled retired soldiers take complaints to court


More than 700 retired officers of the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) are reported to have been conned and as such, they passed a resolution to file charges against the former chairperson of the Association of Retired Soldiers of the TPDF (MUWAWATA), Retired Staff Sergeant Asseyd Mayungi.
The retired soldiers are said to have been swindled of millions of shillings, including their association membership fees as well as expenses to help fund the establishment of small entrepreneurial groups which were aimed at helping them mitigate life difficulties after having completed their public service.
The development became public during a meeting held recently at the Judo Hall in Amani, the West Region of Unguja, bringing together members of the Association from five regions to discuss the matter.
In attendance among others, was the temporary chairperson of MUWAWATA, Brigedier General (rtd) Haroun Othman. Reading the resolution, MUWAWAATA chairperson from Unguja West Region, Sergeant (rtd) Miraji Kiongwe, said they supported the hoisting from seat of the national chairman, Asseyd Mayugi over allegations of, misappropriation of funds of the Association.
The retired Sergeant Miraji Kiongwe made the comments following long deliberations over the financial report about which the members unanimously agreed that all those who had their money dubiously misappropriated should file a case against Miyungi along with his accomplices.
Kiongwe said that Mayungi was accused of making rounds in the region both in the Mainland and Isles and collected millions of shillings being MUWAWATA fees and funds to help establish entrepreneur groups that were to help the retirees secure loans.
He said that the accused chairman was working closely with one institution, whose name is withheld currently, that deals with entrepreneurship and in Zanzibar alone, they collected a total of 23,880,000 Tshs from 18 groups.
Kiongwe said that they have been following up on the money since last year but so far there has been no success and that now they are sure it was all but ploy that woefully succeeded. So now the retired soldiers are back on the battle field, back at war only now the battle field is in a court house and the war is against one of their very own, Retired Staff Sergeant, Asseyd Mayung.


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