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Monday, October 8, 2012

CCM responds to Sumaye claims


Mukama: Hanang cannot mirror the party`s countrywide image
Chama Cha Mapinduzi yesterday described former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye’s allegations that he was beaten by a massive corruption network in the party as his own opinion.
CCM secretary General Wilson Mukama told The Guardian in a telephone interview that the former prime minister who was defeated by the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Investment and Empowerment), Dr Mary Nagu for the National Executive Commitee seat in Hanang District, Manyara Region consulted the party leaders before talking to the media.
“What Sumaye has said doesn’t mean he wants to appeal or present claims. He just presented his opinion as an individual. He came to us, signed the book and told us what he was feeling and we told him to go ahead,” said Mukama.
He however said CCM was a big party with members all over the country and that Hanang’s 1,000 members who voted cannot be used as an assessment of the party’s image for the whole country.
“Look Manyara region has many other districts – Babati, Mbulu and Kiteto, but these things did happen there. There are a lot of misconceptions here,” he noted.
He said the former PM has presented a so-called inductive reason and not deductive reasons to the public.
On Sunday, Sumaye hit out at what he termed massive corruption network within CCM for denying him the Hanang seat in the party’s NEC in the just- ended elections.
He however said that he will remain a faithful member of CCM and vowed to continue fighting corruption within the party.
Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam, Sumaye claimed the Hanang District NEC membership election was marred by massive corruption, threats, transferring of voters at night and many other evils.
Sumaye was defeated by the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Investment and Empowerment), Dr Mary Nagu.
Dr Nagu scooped 648 votes against Sumaye’s 481 votes.
Sumaye conceded defeat, pledging to give support to the newly elected NEC member.
“I haven’t appealed…I have no plans to criticise the election results or take the complaints to my party because what was happening is known and it was also reported in the media,” Sumaye said.
Meanwhile a Member of East Africa Legislative Assembly Shy–Rose Bhanji has been defeated by Agnes Mathew who won the NEC seat through the CCM women’s wing in Mara region.
The members also elected Nancy Msafiri the Chairperson for the wing in Mara region.
The election results were announced by the returning officer who is also a member of CCM National Executive Committee in Musoma district Jackson Msome.
Mathew promised to cooperate with all women in the region to strengthen the party’s unity.
In another development CCM cadre in Bunda district Christopher Sanya has said that the party has turned into a beggar, depending on businessmen to sponsor it due to lack of creativity by some leaders on issues related to the economy.
He called on party members to build CCM by electing competent leaders with economic skills so as to do away with begging and restore the image of the party.


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