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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Unanswered questions… and no arrests

How inevitable was the tragic event and what is its impact on public opinion on police work?
Who would be best placed to investigate the circumstances that led to this tragedy? If a commission of inquiry, what would be the ideal make-up or composition?
How necessary was it for Home Affairs minister Nchimbi to form a commission of inquiry into the matter when the IGP had already formed one (headed by the IGP and also comprising the DCI)? lTo whom will the latter submit the probe report?
Why was Daudi Mwangosi buried so hurriedly, that is, even before the three �commissions of inquiry� had time to see for themselves the condition the body was in? Will the commissions really come up with credible and reliable findings with the body already disposed of?
Why the delay in holding suspects when the facts of what happened look so obvious?
What are the options open to the various parties feeling aggrieved?
Daudi Mwangosi
Police yesterday fell short of stating whether they have arrested any suspects in the killing of Daudi Mwangosi, a former Channel Ten TV and Magic FM correspondent in Iringa Region.
Mwangosi was killed on Sunday during the battle between Chadema followers and the Police in Mufindi District.
When Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Robert Manumba was contacted on the issue, he hesitated to say whether the culprits have been arrested or not.
Instead he referred the reporter to the spokesperson of the police, Advera Senso, who when contacted failed to say whether any arrests had been made.
“We are waiting for the report from the team formed by IGP Mwema and the commission formed by The Home Affairs Minister, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi to establish who are responsible for the killing,’’ she said.
Later this paper called the IGP, but his phone was answered by his personal assistant who told the reporter to call another officer through 0762979597, who redirected reporters to talk to the spokesperson, Senso.
When this paper called some reporters from Iringa to confirm whether any arrests had been made regarding the incident, they said nobody had been apprehended.
In another development, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Robert Manumba, yesterday hesitated to give out a preliminary investigation results concerning the murder of Mwangosi, after reporters in Iringa region asked him to first remove all police officers working in Iringa Region from the press conference chamber.
During the meeting held at the Iringa Regional Police Commander’s Office, reporters told DCI Manumba that they were not ready to receive any report from him if the police officers working in the region were allowed to attend the meeting.
“We Journalists in Iringa have already declared that we have stopped cooperating with the police until an Independent Commission is formed to investigate the death (of Mwangosi),’’ said Frank Leopard, the executive secretary of the Press Club in the Region.
He said they were ready to receive the DCI’s report under one condition of sending out all the police officers who attended the meeting.
They also demanded that the IGP temporarily suspend the Regional Police Commander, Michael Kamuhanda until the commission releases its report.
However Manumba pleaded with them to continue collaborating with the force on grounds that the commission had already been formed with him involved.
“I wanted to give you a report of our probe team regarding the killing of Mwangosi. But because you have given us a condition, I don’t think it is possible to give it out,” said the DCI.
Without clarifying, Manumba said such killing incidents do happen in the community and can as well continue happening whether to himself or any other police officer.
“This sad incident has happened and we are regretting and the government also is regretting. That is why we formed our probe team and rushed here to give you the results of our investigation,” said Manumba.
He said since it was a common stand for all reporters not to participate in listening to the report with the policemen around then,… ‘ I think this report should be reviewed by another probe team instead of giving it to you.
Some journalists also doubted the move by the DCI to give the results saying it might distort other investigation processes by other teams.


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