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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seven World Wonders of Africa: Tanapa turns to ICT experts


The Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) has sent Information Communication and Technology (ICT) specialists to different schools, colleges and institutions countrywide in a bid to mobilise more people to vote for national natural attractions including; Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti National Park to be included in the list of the Seven World Wonders of Africa.
TANAPA Director General, Allan Kijazi, said this over the weekend during the 5th graduation ceremony for form four students of Bendel Memorial Secondary School in Moshi.
The event was accompanied by a fund raiser which would help in the construction of a library and an administrative block for the school.
He said the move by TANAPA aimed at involving many more Tanzanians, including those living in rural areas, who are marginalised when it came to ICT.
“So far, the Serengeti National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro are among natural attractions holding high votes, I call upon all Tanzanians to be patriotic and vote for our sites, this will greatly promote our tourist sites," he said.
He said last year there was a similar contest run at the global level, which even allowed people to make phone calls, but the current one does not allow phone calls but people can cast their votes through emails and it was imperative that every Tanzanian participated.
However, Kijazi criticised the organisers saying it was important to consider the ICT situation in Africa and find other means of involving more people in the exercise, as rural Africa has remained one of the victims of digital divide.
Earlier, the headmaster of the school, Fr Meles Mlingi, said during celebrations of marking 50 years of Independence, it was emphasised that more expatriates should be prepared through providing students with the best education possible so that people would overcome poverty and do away with ignorance. He urged Tanzanians to learn from Swedish people who make quality education their top priority.
He said quality education was the solution to advancing our economy, he urged people to contribute towards the construction of the school's laboratory and administration block, both of which would cost a total of 700m/-.
Furthermore, he challenged students to be aware of using social networks as facebook and Twitter, saying that however they should guard their moral standards and ensure that they work hard to become useful members of the society.
During the fundraiser, a total of 15.5m/- was collected to support the construction.


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