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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ilboru students want headmaster removed

Accuse him of harassment and denying them freedom to worship
Dozens of angry students from Ilboru Secondary School, carrying banners and chanting slogans, yesterday marched to the Arusha Regional Commissioner’s office accusing their headmaster of harassing them and denying them freedom of worship.The protest rally reached at Regional Commissioner’s office around 9.15 am and left at 9.30 am, chanting and wielding banners with messages requesting removal of their headmaster Jovinus Mutabuzi.
Ally Simalenga the student government general secretary said that they were demanding immediate removal of their headmaster, who they said has been frequently abusing students.
“We have been protesting regularly to demand his removal as he has failed us. He has been of no use to us and most of time he is conspiring against his fellow teachers,” he said.
Simalenga said the headmaster locks halls used for worship, only unlocking them after peaceful protests by students, though the one used by Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is still locked, denying the faithful a place for worship.
“The school set aside places for worship. We used to conduct our religious services without problems, but when he took over leadership in 2010, he shut them down without explanation,” said the students’ leader.
Simalenga explained that their head teacher has been doing the best to make sure the best teachers quit, citing the Chemistry teacher who left resulting in students failing in Chemistry exams.
“Our headmaster’s hatred has dealt us a big blow. Results of our fellow students are not good, simply because we don’t have Chemistry teachers,” he said.
Another students’ grievance is based on the 190,000/- penalty students pay for reporting late after school holidays, but are not given receipts, raising questions as to where the money was going.
“Whenever we come late especially after school holidays the teacher orders us to pay 190,000/- through M-PESA and whenever we question its usage, there are no answers. Therefore we request the authority to investigate the issue,” Simalenga said.
After listening to the grievances, the Arusha Regional Commissioner Magesa Mulongo, promised that the government would work on the matter and ordered the police to take away the students.
The commissioner’s answer did not satisfy the students who complained that they have been getting those answers from the government but nothing has been done, resisting until the police stepped in.
They left chanting: “We don’t need the headmaster. He must go”
It was after their departure that traffic resumed along the road to Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) which they had blocked at RC’s office.
Journalists who wanted to interview the student were prevented by the police who said they were acting on orders from their superiors.
A security officials who preferred anonymity, told the Guardian that the headmaster had been taken away by the security forces to protect him from the angry students.
When reached for comment headmaster, Mutabuzi told our reporter over the phone that he was in a meeting and hang up.
In this year’s Form Six national examinations, Ilboru secondary school with 183 students ranked second out of 212 schools in the region and fifth among 326 national schools, with 64 of the candidates obtaining division one, 75 second division while 41 obtained third division and three of them fourth division. Nobody failed. The school’s examination centre GPA was 2.7251 according to the data obtained from the national examinationa council of Tanzania.
In May this year, Necta announced form six examination results with six public schools topping the list. The schools among the top ten best were Kibaha, Ilboru, Mzumbe, Msalato, Tabora Boys and Kisimiri. Four private schools in the top ten were Marian Girls of Bagamoyo, Feza Boys, St. Mary's Mazinde Juu and Consolata Seminary.


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