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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tanzania top Africa mobile money user

Tanzania is leading in m-commerce (mobile money services) across the Sub Saharan African markets, beating South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria and even Uganda, according to a research released in August this year by Ericcson.
Presenting the findings here on Thursday, a senior advisor with the Swedish company, Anders Elarndsen said according to the research, titled Consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa Ready for Next Step in M-Commerce, Tanzania is leading by 67 per cent in the mobile money services market against Ghana (9) and South Africa (24).
Tanzania also leads in mobile payments — airtime top ups, merchants, bills and salary payments -- by 60 percent, followed by South Africa 19 percent and Ghana by 6 percent.
In mobile money transfers — both domestic and international —Tanzania is also the leader with 42 percent followed by South Africa (4) and Ghana (1).
Even in mobile banking -- balance enquiry, withdrawals, deposits and credit services — Tanzanian subscribers comprise 19 percent followed by South Africa (13) and Ghana (3).
Tanzanians also lead in the region with more subscribers having more than two simcards — 35 percent, two simcards and 11 percent more than two.
South African consumers lead in the region with more subscribers holding one simcard (95 percent), while Ghana follows with 66 percent.
Responding to the question why most Tanzanians subscribers go for two or more cards, he said in Tanzania most people do not use conventional banking, adding that they have more trust in the phone as their wallet.
Elerndsen said South Africa prefers to use conventional banking to mobile phone money system because they trust the former most.
He said the most interesting thing about m-commerce is that women play a very important role, sometimes more often than men.
He said according to Ericcson Consumer Laboratory, where reliable infrastructure is lacking in Africa, new technologies have stepped in and transformed the situation, with data showing that the population is ready for any technological transformation in m-commerce.
According to Finscope Gallup, 30 million people in the three countries remain unbanked and without phones, while 40 million are banked and have mobile phones, he said.
At least 50 million people are unbanked mobile phone users, he said adding that these are the targets of banks and mobile network providers.
Ericcson is a leading provider of communications technology and services operating in more than 180 countries with more than 40 percent of world’s mobile traffic going through its network and supporting more than 2.5 billion subscribers.
Its net sales for last year was USD35bn.


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