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Tafuta Kila kitu Hapa

Friday, August 31, 2012

Educate farmers for better harvests

Presenting a topic during a seminar for farmers and agro-inputs agents from Singida and Dodoma, it was underscored the need for farmers to be educated on the best type of seeds to use in order to get more harvest.
The statement was issued by Johanes Musau, Manager of a non-governmental organisation ‘Farm Input Promotions Africa’ that deals with offering agricultural education on proper use of agro-implements to farmers in rural areas.
“Without educating farmers, they will continue using substandard seeds and experience poor harvests annually…” he warned.
The organisation works closely with agriculture and seeds research institutions, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives and local governments to enable farmers practice modern cultivation.
Some farmers participating in the seminar blamed the government for delayed deployment of the necessary agro-inputs.
Habibu Msuya, also claimed that some agents have been distributing fake fertilisers as well as pesticides for crops and livestock. He said the government through extension officers and distribution agents must conduct educative seminars to farmers in rural areas in a bid to improve their yields


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