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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China: Our products are not fake

Tells Africa to improve inspection system
African countries are to refrain from accusing China of exporting fake, sub standard and/or counterfeit products they have been encouraged to instead, improve their own border and port inspection systems.
The call was made yesterday in Beijing by Cong Liang, the deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), when he met a team of journalists from Tanzania participating in the ‘Experience China’ series programmes.
Cong said it is unfair to be the recipients of such accusations, especially since according to him China produces exceptional products sold all over the world including to developed nations that observe considerably high standards.
The commission warned African countries of what he called ‘unfaithful businessmen’ from other countries who export counterfeit products claiming they are of Chinese origin.
The call is both a challenge as well as an opportunity for the Tanzania Standard Bureau (TBS), Fair Competition Commission (FCC) and other bodies to improve the efficiency of their respective authorities by enlisting help from China.
NDRC says it is ready to work with the African countries in the fight against importation of the counterfeit products.
Meanwhile the deputy director and senior research fellow of the Institute of West Asian and African Studies in Beijing, Yao Guimei, suggests imposing the death penalty to combat corruption in Africa.
Yao said corruption has been one of the biggest problems on the continent and in order to develop, Africa should take China’s example of a strict and uncompromising law where those found guilty of corruption and drug trafficking are to be punished without mercy.
She said some of the leaders in the continent may be ‘clean but surrounded by corrupt people’.
Addressing the question of human rights abuse in China, she described the situation as getting better, contrary to claims by some of Western countries.
Yao also called for the empowerment of more women in Africa, saying they should have fair representation in decision making bodies and also have equal pay for work as well as other opportunities.


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