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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water ministry under fire over inefficiency

Vicent Nyerere (Musoma Urban, Chadema)
Water ministry yesterday received a barrage of complaints from some lawmakers over inefficiencies resulting into poor water services offered in urban and rural areas.
Debating budget estimates for the ministry tabled in Parliament on Monday, Vicent Nyerere (Musoma Urban, Chadema) faulted the ministry for its failure to implement water programmes.
“We have heard that many water authorities got unqualified certificates. People don’t need such certificates. They want clean and safe water,” stressed the MP.
Mkinga MP (CCM) Dunstan Kitandula accused the minister, Prof Jumanne Maghembe, of favouring some areas in allocating water services’ funds.
“Tell us, will you be happy if Mwanga District (Maghembe’s constituency) falls into shortage of water? How would you feel if you were in the shoes of Mkinga MP, who has never seen a water project in his constituency for a long time?” queried Kitandula.
“You are not treating us fairly. We don’t have rivers, lakes and sea, yet you are ignoring us,” complained another MP, Felister Bura (special seats, CCM).
Chadema Special Seat MP Rose Sukum urged the minister to personally visit water projects mentioned in his budget speech to see for himself whether they had been implemented.
“We want you to visit physically 10 village water projects…We have this Water Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation Project, Quick Win Project and Water Sector Basket Fund, but where are the funds,” she asked.
Kishapu MP (CCM), Suleiman Nchambi, echoed a Sukuma’s call for action to redress the situation. “Don’t wait for people’s power to be applied against your empty promises,” he warned.
Mahmoud Mgimwa (Mufindi North, CCM) requested the government to specifically implement water projects targeting to relieve rural women of the burden of spending much time in fetching water, which he said deprived them of chance to participate in other development activities.
Innocent Kalogeris (Morogoro South, CCM) said, “We need ministers and other officials to change their mindsets. We want the post of regional water engineer reinstated.”
On water authorities, he said, “They have been working in urban areas only. When a problem happens in the districts and villages, they don’t respond. This task can only be done by regional water engineers”.


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