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Friday, July 6, 2012

Opposition leader wants govt to stop extra-judicial killings

Leader of the Opposition camp in the Parliament, Freeman Mbowe
The leader of the Opposition camp in the Parliament, Freeman Mbowe has said killings and torture perpetrated against civilians involving security organs such as police are damaging the country’s image.
Mbowe said this during the Thursday 30-minute questions to the Prime Minister.
He asked why the government has not investigated the killings and torture as it had promised last year.
“Don’t you see Mr Prime Minister that you are giving room for speculation that the government or its leaders are involved in these kinds of killings?” asked the leader of the opposition camp in the House.
Reacting, Pinda said: “We instructed authorities to start applying the law effectively --- but saying that we have failed to use the law and giving room to speculation that the government or its leaders are involved ---- well, that is left to individuals themselves,” said Pinda.
Mbowe stressed that torture and killings of people in the country, such as happened to Dr Stephen Ulimboka was creating a negative image for the country.
The leader of the Opposition called on the government to form an Independent Investigation Team to probe such incidents.
But the Premier refuted the claims that the country’s image has been tarnished because of Dr Ulimboka’s incident.
“I don’t buy you idea that the country’s name has been tainted ----this is not true. For what cause Mr Mbowe?” asked Pinda.
“Dr Ulimboka’s case is not a relevant example and it is not true either to say the government is involved. You must have concrete evidence which Mr Mbowe you don’t have,” said Pinda.
He said no one has evidence about the kidnapping of Dr Ulimboka.
“How can a person who has been collaborating with the government to solve doctors’ problems be abducted and tortured by the same government? Let’s wait for the investigation reports,” stressed the PM.
In another development, the Premier has assured medical doctors that they will continue to enjoy special treatment from the government, despite their strike action and rebellion against the same government.
Pinda was reacting to a basic question by Murtaza Mangungu, Kilwa North MP, who wanted to know the reason for the government giving special treatment to medical doctors, including offering 100 per cent of loans to medical students in various colleges and universities inside and outside the country.
Pinda said the government will continue to value the contribution of medical doctors in saving lives of the people.
He said it will continue to provide 100 per cent of loans to medical students pursuing their studies in various colleges and universities.
“We’re doing this because we value this profession and it is time that they (medical doctors), realise their role and responsibilities in protecting the lives of the people,” he said.
The PM added that it could be true as well that some of the medical doctors were pressed to join the strike.
“The government will continue to remind, educate and enlighten the medical doctors in the country to stick to their code of conduct for them to fulfill their responsibilities and avoid unnecessary strikes,” he said.


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