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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nahodha challenges people `doubting` Union

Shamsi Vuai Nahodha
Defence and National Service minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha has challenged Zanzibaris who are in the forefront of the Union problems debate for failing to expose corruption and acts of embezzlement masterminded by some Isles’ government leaders.
Speaking here at the weekend Nahodha said that some leaders in Zanzibar have been largely preoccupied by the debate on the challenges facing the Union while hiding their evil acts under the carpet, including corruption.
Nahodha was making a contribution at a seminar conducted for Members of the House of Representatives at Chukwani in the Isles.
He said there were many evil acts such as embezzlements, theft, land grabbing and other appropriation of resources done by some top officials in Zanzibar, but surprisingly social groups, including activists have remained quiet on these.
"Leaders who are in the forefront in discussing the of challenges Union in Zanzibar should first assess their positions on these acts…there is also a need to formulate laws which will require leaders to state how they have obtained their wealth,” he observed.
Nahodha, who was once saved as Chief Minister in the Zanzibar government said that there were no Mainlanders grabbing land, funds, or evade taxes in the Isles, but the acts were being done by Zanzibaris themselves.
"In Zanzibar when a person stands and talk about the Union challenges is seen as a courageous and strong one. But fighting against corruption is treasonable,” Nahodha noted.
Nahodha said he remains a Union follower advising that the issue of oil and gas should be removed from the Matters of the Union by carefully observing the procedures used to include them in that list.
"We should talk of the challenges while maintaining our system of two governments …it is not bad if
we remain with seven important things but it is evil to introduce issues which are not in the list,” Nahodha insisted.
Earlier Nahodha asked former minister in the revolutionary government Hassan Nassor Moyo to narrate the number of incidents which have threatened the security of Zanzibar between 1964 and 1972.
Moyo however failed to respond. Minister Nahodha hastened to say he was sure that a total of 14 incidents, according to records, were planned to overthrow the Isles government by people who were against the revolution.
The 15th incident in the plot succeeded to take the life of the late Mzee Karume on April 7, 1972, he said.
Moyo, however, said that the present Union structure of two governments needs to be amended so that it can go with the contemporary demands.
He insisted that the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar resulted from the campaigns to join the African countries with the Pan African Movement for East and Central Africa (Pafmeca).
The statement by Minister Nahodha came a week after a report of a special committee comprising Members of the House of Representatives formed to investigate the abuse of power and corruption on land and buildings in Zanzibar was barred from being discussed in CCM National Executive Committee in the Isles.


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