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Tafuta Kila kitu Hapa

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today on BBA- Prezzo Thanks Goldie For Saving Him.

After the live eviction show and all housemates were still discussing the highlights and the hard times they had gone through, Prezzo and Goldie too were confined in the bedroom discussing how things had just unfolded.
Prezzo thanked Goldie for having saved him from the eviction ” Thank you for saving the Masai warrior , I appreciated what you did.” Prezzo told Goldie.
Though Goldie looked to still be blaming herself for saving Prezzo instead of her friend, she had to accept that the issue was already done.” What else did you expect me to do?” Goldie asked Prezzo.
Goldie explained to Prezzo how difficult the swap was to her as it took her time to decide who to replace him(Prezzo) with” Lady May was ever swapped by DKB, I couldn’t do it to her again, it was Keitta that I had to replace.” Goldie explained to Prezzzo.
Goldie though might have said it all, she still has alot to think as she doesn’t know what to tell Keitta for having put his head on the chopping block.
What will the atmosphere be in the Goldie- Keitta presence?


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