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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Promote peace to protect African children-envoys

Mama Maria Nyerere holds a cheque for USD 6500 donated to her by members of the African diplomatic corps to support her initiative of supporting disadvantaged children at Butiama village. The ceremony was held in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
African diplomats have called on their governments to ensure peace prevails in their countries to reduce mushrooming of children in the streets who become products of strife.
They said the lack of peace in the continent has been contributing to the increase of street children and violence against women.
The ambassadors were speaking after handing over a donation of USD 6,500 to Mama Maria, widow of the Father of the Nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, at her Msasani residence in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
The diplomats who were led by their dean, Uganda High Commissioner Ibrahim Mukiibi said the donation is meant to help Mama Maria Nyerere carry on her work of improving lives of less privileged and orphaned children in Butiama district.
Mukiibi said it is only in peaceful communities that children can grow well to realise their dreams, saying the missions recognise and appreciate the job done by Mama Maria Nyerere to improve lives of less privileged, disabled children and orphans in the country.
“ During the 50th independence anniversary of the country, we ambassadors visited Butiama district and were very pleased with the job which Mama Nyerere was and is still doing in improving the lives of less privileged children and we thought it wise to help her, ” he said.
Speaking earlier, the secretary for the group who is also Malawi High Commissioner to the country Flossier Gomile Chidyaonga said there is a need for African countries to work together to maintain peace.
She said peace brings development and African countries need peace more than anything else.
The Kenyan ambassador Mutinda Mutiso said currently there are many street children in Africa due to lack of peace in many countries. He asked African countries to value peace for the development of the continent.
Mama Maria Nyerere thanked the ambassadors for the donation saying it will help the children who depend on her. She said currently she feeds more than 2,600 children from around Butiama district.
Mama Maria Nyerere said the donation has come at a good time, disclosing that only 4m/- remained in the kit to help the less privileged children in Butiama.
“I am very happy that the ambassadors have come to my rescue. Only 4m/- remained to help feed the children in Butiama ” she said 


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