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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MP rejects govt answers in House

Arumeru East Member of Parliament Joshua Nassari (Chadema) has rejected answers provided by the government in Parliament on monday, saying they were not related to the questions he had asked.
Speaking during the question and answer session here, the legislator said he was not satisfied with the answers provided by the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu.
“Madam Speaker, these are not genuine answers. They are not related to the questions I asked,” he said when the Speaker, Anne Makinda, asked him to pose a supplementary question.
Nassari said he would not ask a supplementary question unless the government provided him with relevant answers to his basic question.
However, Makinda said the details provided by the government were genuine and asked the legislator to contact the responsible Ministry for further details.
Earlier, the legislator had asked steps being taken by the government to check porters associations which have failed to implement the Government Notice Number 228 issued on June 29, 2009, asking them to increase payments for porters from 6,000/- to USD 10 per day.
He also asked when the porters’ associations would pay arrears since the notice was gazetted.
In his response, the Deputy Minister had said the Government Notice referred to by the lawmaker was stated that the USD 10 per day was meant for porters recruited and registered by their associations.
He said the Labour Law Number 6 of 2004 states that the directive is for work contracts which are specified assignments and special works which need expertise.
“For that matter, every worker should make sure that he or she signs a work contract with an employer according to specified regulations,” he explained.
With regards to porters, he said, the government had decided that in the future their salaries would be set on sectoral basis, as provided in the labour institutions law of 2004.
He added that the Ministry, through the Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), has been advising porters to join in their registered associations such as Kilimanjaro Porters Associations and Kilimanjaro Porters Society and get identity cards.
“We have to ensure that all porters, who accompany mountain climbers, are registered and get their identity cards issued by their associations,” he said.


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