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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diary Room; Liars Liars


Diary Room: Liar, Liar
“The good thing about my lies is that they are not big lies they are good lies,” said the silver-tongued Prezzo during his diary session. Hold on Prezzo… Since when is lying ever a good thing?

The rapper made this defensive statement after Big Brother posed the question: “How honest are the Housemates?” According to Prezzo it is the women of the House that are deceitful. As for the boys they are all honest except for

Interestingly, not even a moment later when Big Brother asked about
Goldie’s ‘Save and Replace’ decision Prezzo told a bold face lie denying any interest in the matter, saying: “I am not that curious. Curiosity killed the cat.” Hmmm... Really Prezzo, are not you not concerned about it? Then please explain why you went around cockily bragging your gossip buddies Roki and Keitta by saying: "Look at me, your boy is safe. The Head of House saved me."

Jeez this Prezzo guy has some nerve he is even lying to Big Brother now. Does he not know that Biggie sees everything? But lucky for him he has the foolishly loyal
Goldie to always clean up his mess. But just remember Prezzo the Golden One will not always be there and one of these day your lies will catch up with you.


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