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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dar without tap water for five days running

Thousands of Dar es Salaam residents getting water from the Ruvu Plant have gone without the precious liquid for five days running. Authorities promised to normalise supply yesterday afternoon (from around 2.00 pm).
Interviewed, a cross-section of residents expressed doubts over the latest promise by the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (Dawasco), citing an earlier empty promise the utility issued last week.
Dawasco’s promise comes at a time when the problem has adversely affected many residents.
In the wake of the crisis, the residents have been forced to pay up to 1,000/- for a single bucket of water sold by street vendors fetching the life-giving liquid from private boreholes. The price is 700/- more than the normal market price.
Dawasco linked the shortage to last week’s burst of main water pipe at Lower Ruvu, Buma area in Bagamoyo district, Coast region. Last Friday, both Dawasco and Minister for Water Prof Jumanne Maghembe assured the city residents that water supply would normalise on Saturday night, but a survey by this newspaper at the weekend revealed that taps in most parts of the city were still dry.
One of them, Janeth Masele, resident of Kinondoni Studio, said the shortage which started mid last week [Wednesday], had forced her family to spend 10,000/- daily on water for domestic and feeding cattle.
“I keep cattle; they need water everyday. Due to this problem, I spend all my profit on buying water. I think, there is need for Dawasco to repair the burst pipe as soon as practicable, otherwise the situation will get worse,” he said. A resident of Mbezi-Mwisho identified as, Anthony Sabasi, said water in their area was being sold by street vendors at a price of 1,000/- per 20-litre bucket.
Tandika Maghorofani resident Alexander Shirima said he had been forced to suspend his brick-making business following the shortage.
“We have orders from our customers. We’ve failed to meet the target due to this problem. We understand [Dawasco] technicians are working hard [to repair the burst pipe], but they should speed up repair works,” he said.
When contacted yesterday, Dawasco executive director Jackson Midala said since the problem started on Wednesday last week, technicians of his Corporation had been working hard to ensure that supply resumes as soon as practical.
He said it’s true that they had earlier promised to restore supply to normal a day before weekends [Thursday], but another problem occurred on the repaired pipe.


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