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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Country short of over 45,000 teachers-govt

Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Philipo Mulugo
Tanzania has a shortage of over 45,000 teachers in primary and secondary schools, the Parliament informed on Monday.
Responding to a basic question by Special Seat legislator Susan Kiwanga (Chadema), the Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training Philipo Mulugo said the government was aware of the problem and had started to take measures to solve it.
He said the government would continue to recruit more graduates from various colleges and universities.
Mulugo said statistics showed that in the year 2011/12 primary schools had a total of 8,363, 386 pupils and only 175, 449 teachers compared to the actual demand of 209,085 teachers.
He said secondary schools had a total of 1,789,547 students and 52, 146 teachers, compared to the actual demand of 66,049.
The Deputy Minister also informed the Parliament that a total of 30,248 teachers would graduate from various colleges and universities in July this year. He said 13,955 of the expected graduates would be certificate holders, 4867 diploma holders and 11, 426 undergraduate degree holders.
“If all these teachers will graduate successful, it is expected that they will reduce the shortage of teachers we are currently facing,” he said.
Responding to another question by the same MP who had wanted the government to explain why there “is a huge salary difference” between teachers and other civil servants, Mulugo said the statement was incorrect.
He said the salary scale for government employees was uniform. Citing examples, Mulugo explained that primary school teachers holding certificate receive 244,400/- per month, graduate lawyers get 262,000/-, and nursing officers holding certificates get 290,000/-.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister said the World Bank has donated funds for a bridging course to help Form Six students, who did not perform well in science subjects. The project will start in 2012/13 and is expected to benefit 1,500 teachers.


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