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Saturday, June 9, 2012

BBA: Junia And Lee Promise To Keep In Touch After Big Brother

Junia and Lee have promised to keep in touch with one another even after they exit the Big Brother House. The two have been close most of the evening.

The two spent most of the evening together, talkative Jannette could not the cosy moment between the two. Jannette was trying to talk with the two but her word fell into deaf ears as the two kept the conversation within themselves. Jannette who does not like being people who don’t give her attention, picked a fork and point it at the two to get their attention.
Eventually the two conversed with Jannette and Junia jokingly asking: “How can you go from her to me.” Lee answered: “I was desperate”. Last night Jannette sneaked into the bed of Malawian Housemate Wati while the other Housemates were playing Jacuzzi games. Before that the Ugandan lady tried her luck on the Kenyan brothers, Alex and Malonza. This young Ugandan lady seems to lack self-respect.
As for Junia and Lee, it’s very difficult to figure out what exactly is going on between the two, StarGame romance or are they just two friends showing affection for one another?
It looks like Junia’s name should have been in included in the discussion of who is the biggest player in Downville earlier today. The Namibian dame has previously been cosy with Malonza and was also at one


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