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Friday, June 22, 2012

About 2,000 firms and 64 nations due to take part in Sabasaba

The thirty sixth Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) famously known as Sabasaba is expected to kick off on June 28, this year, will host 1935 firms and 64 government institutions.
Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday during an interview with The Guardian, the Acting Director General of Tanzania Trade Development Authority (Tantrade), Samuel Mvingira, said 435 companies are from abroad and the remaining 1,500 are domestic firms.
Mvingira added that, “until now that is the number of the registered companies but the actual number of companies will be known once they arrive at the exhibition”.
He said 11 countries are participating in the trade fair whereby Rwanda, China, Kenya, Mozambique, Syria and Sudan are among them.
Also, European countries are taking part but as individual companies and not as a country.
He called upon entrepreneurs in the country to participate in the trade fair in order to advertise, learn from others and compare the quality of their products to provide modern results in the trade industry.
According to him, the trade fair is expected to raise 2.5bn/- whereby most of the revenue will come from space renting in the exhibition houses.
He mentioned the entrance fee to the exhibition as 1000/- for children and 3000/- for adults during the Sabasaba public holiday while on other days the fee will be 500/- for children and 2500/- for adults.
However, the senior TANTRADE export promotion officer Stephen Koberou said the limited liability of authority is on loss and damage caused by the exhibitor.
Koberou stressed: “Tantrade shall not at any time be responsible for any loss, or damage whatsoever suffered by or caused to any exhibitor”.


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