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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dams water levels may halt hydro power generation, warns Tanesco

Tanesco communications manager Badra Masoud
The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) has said water volume at Mtera Dam is continuing to decline despite the ongoing long season rains, warning that if the situation persists it may lead to halting hydroelectric power generation.
Other hydro power sources include Kihansi and Nyumba ya Mungu Dam though Mtera Dam is the biggest man made water reservoir.
This was revealed in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the power utility’s managing director, William Mhando, during a meeting with the Public Organisations Accounts Committee (POAC) chairman Zitto Kabwe.
The meeting was aimed at clarifying some issues recently published in the media and said to have resulted into confusions.
Tanesco communications manager Badra Masoud said despite the declining water volume at Mtera Dam there would be no power rationing because the firm also depends on power generated from other sources like natural gas and oil.
She added that 100MW will be added to the national grid by June this year from ‘Jacobson’, an investor with power plants at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam.
Elaborating, she said that despite the decreasing water levels at Mtera Dam the power supply situation is stable and there will be no rationing as some people expects.
“We don’t expect power rationing, we have enough electricity produced from non-hydro energy sources,” Badra said.
She promised to give current statistics on water levels at all the power generating dams today.
Meanwhile, Tanesco expect to receive 65,000 LUKU meters which have already arrived at the Dar es Salaam port.
The meters will be fixed at premises of customers who have already applied for power supply service.
According to Badra, Tanecso experienced a shortage of LUKU meters in the year 2010/11, forcing the company to make an emergency procurement of 9,000 meters that were supplied to customers with long outstanding requests.
For his part, POAC Chairman Zitto Kabwe refuted media reports which quoted him as saying that Tanesco spent between 300bn/- and 600bn/- in equipment procurement.
Zitto said that his report said that Tanesco is among the biggest public organisations that need to spend a lot of money in procurement, but has only spent 258bn/-, insisting on the need to review the Public Procurement Regulatory Act (PPRA).
Mhando however said that they are trying to work hard to ensure that there are reliable power supply services for their customers.
He called upon the public to collaborate with the company in revealing those who sabotage its infrastructures.
Recent reports by Tanesco show that power production in the country is as follows: Kihansi Dam 100MW, Kidatu 160MW, Mtera 40MW, Pangani 15MW, Hale 5MW and Nyumba ya Mungu 2.6MW.
Energy produced by other sources was as follows: Songas 142MW, Ubungo gas plant 102MW, Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) 60MW, Tegeta gas plant 42MW and Symbion 60MW.
The country’s power production capacity when all the sources are fully operating stands at 1,272MW.


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