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Monday, December 5, 2011

CUF wants people of intergrity in constitution commission

The CUF Deputy Secretary General (Mainland) Julius Mtatiro
The Civic United Front (CUF) yesterday advised President Jakaya Kikwete to pick people who are competent and trustworthy and have legal knowledge to join the proposed commission to oversee the constitution review process.
The CUF Deputy Secretary General (Mainland) Julius Mtatiro told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday that such a team will clear people’s doubts about having democratic constitution.
He was briefing journalists on the Party’s recommendations which were submitted to President Jakaya Kikwete last week when he met with CUF delegation at the State House.
“We suggest that members of the commission who will be appointed by both ministers of constitutional and legal affairs in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar should have the qualifications we have advised,” Mtatiro added.
He noted that the members in the commission should have good background of legal, political, economics and social issues.
He said upon the completion of its work the Commission should be dissolved to avoid unnecessary spending of the taxpayers’ money.
The members of the Commission can be called back if necessary.
He however said that the public should be given full freedom to give their views so as to strengthen the principles of legitimacy of the new constitution as having taken into consideration people’s views.
“The government should ensure that there is peace and harmony during the entire process of writing the new constitution to avoid the perception that the government intends to restrict people in giving out their opinions.
CUF met President Kikwete and other government representatives on Friday last week to discuss how the Constitutional Review Act 2011could be improved.
CUF defended its move which followed that of Chadema meeting with the President, saying it was advancing different proposals to improve the Act.
“Chadema is a different party from CUF…we have presented to the President our proposals which we strongly believe should not be left out in the Act. Our concerns are quite different from those of Chadema…they have nothing to do with what Chadema presented to the President,” stressed Mtatiro.
He said his party endorsed the Act last month to allow the process to start since it believed there was still room to introduce changes once the constitution-making process begins.
President Jakaya Kikwete met with the Chadema top officials at State House on November 27 before meeting the CUF delegation, fulfilling their request for an audience with him to present their position on the Constitutional Review Bill, 2011.


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