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Tafuta Kila kitu Hapa

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Latest Africa articles

African press review 14 September 2011

Judging by some of today’s African papers, the continent is still divided over the ousting of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.
14/09/2011 - South Africa - Libya - report

African Union meets on Libya in Pretoria

South African president Jacob Zuma is hosting the African Union’s high-level panel on Libya in Pretoria on Wednesday.

African press review 13 September 2011

Hate speech, a worrying weather outlook and budgets are all big stories in some of today's African papers.
13/09/2011 - Libya

Libya's new leaders pledge "moderate" islamic rule

Libya's interim new leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil gave his first public speech in Tripoli's main Square on Monday night, where he was given a hero's welcome.
12/09/2011 - France - Rwanda

Juppé stays away as Rwandan leader visits France for reconciliation

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is holding talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday, as the two men continue efforts to rebuild the Franco-Rwandan relationship, which collapsed amid ...

African press review 12 September 2011

Monday's press highlights the fate awaiting the ANC's controversial youth leader Julius Malema and the interest, or not, of South Africans in whether the Springboks will hold on to their Rugby ...
12/09/2011 - South Africa

ANC youth leader Malema found guilty on hate-speech charges

A South African court in Johannesburg has found Julius Malema, the youth wing leader of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Party, guilty of hate speech for singing an ...
12/09/2011 - Libya

Kadhafi's third son, Saadi, flees to Niger

Deposed Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's son Saadi has fled to Niger as forces loyal to Libya's new government struggle to overcome fierce resistance in the former leader's remaining strongholds.
11/09/2011 - Egypt

Egypt prepared to 'get tough' with protestors

Egypt has warned it will use harsh measures to quell civil unrest after protesters stormed Israel's embassy on Friday forcing the ambassador to leave the country.
10/09/2011 - Tanzania

At least 163 dead as ferry sinks off Zanzibar, Tanzania

At least 163 people have died and over 100 more are still missing after a ferry carrying 600 people capsized off the popular tourist archipelago of Zanzibar.


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